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Frequently Asked Questions

AskMe Chat Support

How can I add AskMe Chat to my site?

To add AskMe Chat on your site follow the steps below:

  • Register or purchase your version of AskMe Chat (or start the free trial)
  • Recover the chat widget code in the Widgets section
  • Enter the code in your main site HTML file
  • Enter the application and start chatting with your customers
Which payment plans are avaiable?

There are four types of plans available. Visit the dedicated page and discover all the details of the available plans.

Can’t find what’s right for you? Contact us, we will find together the most appropriate solution.

Is the chat available in multilingual?

It is possible to configure the widget in one or more languages ​​during configuration. Once the languages ​​are defined, the widget will automatically be configured on the browser language

Is the chat widget customizable?

Each chat widget is completely customizable. Some possible changes are:

  • Change all colors
  • Copy from a pre-existing chat widget
  • Upload your own custom logo
  • Placement of the widget on the page
  • Texts and languages ​​in which the widget is made available
Which report types are avaiable?

Starting from the Premium version, they are available in the application to specific and detailed reports for performance monitoring, including:

  • Number of chats started over time
  • Average time for taking charge of chats
  • Number of chats started sorted by language
  • Average time for chat closure
  • Number of chats started sorted by category
  • Average time for leaving chat rooms
  • Percentage of chats closed by the operator / customer
  • Average chat evaluation

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