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Privacy Policy

Information under the to EU Regulation 2016/679 (‘GDPR’) for the privacy policy

Which types of data do we collect?

When you use our services, you accept that our company collect some of your personal data. This page is intended to tell you what data we collect, why and how we use it.

We deal with two types of data:

  • provided by the user
  • data that we collect automatically

Data provided by the user

When you request information, we ask you to provide us some personal data necessary to be allowed to use our service.

These are, for example, the data we ask you:

  •  First name / Last name, address, email, phone number
  • other data relating your request subject (for example, if you want to apply, we ask for your Name, Surname, Address, email, Telephone number, and other relevant information) You can also choose to provide us with the following information:
  • date of birth
  • city ​​or municipality of reference
  • telephone number
Third-party data

If you provide personal data of third parties, such as those of your family or friends you must be sure that these individuals have been adequately informed and have consented to their treatment in the manner described in this statement.

Data of children under 16 years

If you are under the age of 16 you cannot give us any personal data nor can you register on WWW.ASKMESUITE.COM or other sites owned by Lascaux srl, and in any case we do not take responsibility for any false declarations from you provided. If we become aware of the existence of false declarations we will proceed with the immediate cancellation of any personal data acquired.

Data we collect automatically

We collect the following data through the services you use:

  • technical data: for example IP address, browser type, your computer information, data relating to the current (approximate) position of the instrument you are using;
  • data collected using cookies or similar technologies: for more information, please visit the ‘Cookies’ section (link to the next section on cookies).

1. How do we use the data collected?

We use the data collected to provide you with our service every day, to inform you about our business activities or to offer you a more personalized service in line with your interests.

1.1 To guarantee access to our services and improve its distribution.

We use your information to guarantee access to our services and their delivery, including:

  • requests relative the sending of information requests;
  • registration requests;
  • communications related to the distribution of the service.

1.2 To inform you about our business activities.

We use the data collected, if you have expressly given your consent, to inform you about promotional activities that may interest you. In particular we use them for:

  • communicate you promotional, commercial and advertising activities on events, initiatives or partnerships of Lascaux srl, by e-mail, SMS or push notifications or telephone;
  • carry out analysis and reporting activities connected to promotional communication systems, such as for example the detection of the number of open e-mails, of the clicks made on the links present within the communication, the type of device used to read the communication and the relative operating system or the list of unsubscribed to the newsletter.

2. Is the provision of data mandatory?

The provision of personal data is mandatory only for the processing necessary to provide the services offered by Lascaux srl (any refusal for the purpose of providing the service (v 1.1) makes it impossible to use the service itself); it is optional for promotional purposes (see 1.2) and any refusal to give consent does not have negative consequences on the provision of the service offered within the website and its applications.

3. Who are the subjects of the treatment?

3.1 Data controller

The data controller is Lascaux srl, with registered office located in AREZZO (IT), Via Calamandrei, 129, P.IVA 01805480512

For each request related to your personal data, compare the following point 3.2

3.2 Contact info

We remind you that you can contact us at any time and send any questions or requests regarding your personal data and respect for your privacy by writing to the address [email protected]

3.3 Individuals to whom personal data may be communicated

The data collected as part of the service distribution may be communicated to:

  • companies that perform functions strictly connected and instrumental to the operations – including technical – of Lascaux srl services, such as, for example, direct marketing and customer care service providers, companies that provide archiving, administrative, payment and invoicing services, companies connected and / or part of Lascaux srl that provide technical components for the supply of some features of the service;
  • administrative and judicial bodies and authorities by virtue of legal obligations.

Your personal data may be transferred outside the European Union to be processed by some of our service providers. In this case, we ensure that this transfer takes place in compliance with the legislation in force and that an adequate level of protection of personal data is guaranteed based on an adequacy decision, on standard clauses defined by the European Commission or on Binding Corporate Rules.

Below we list the companies outside the European Union currently used by WWW.ASKMESUITE.COM:

CloudFlare (Cloudflare)
CloudFlare is a traffic optimization and distribution service provided by CloudFlare Inc.
The CloudFlare integration methods require that this filter all the traffic of this Application, that is the communications between this Application and the User’s browser, also allowing the collection of statistical data on it.
Personal Data collected: Cookies and various types of Data as specified by the privacy policy of the service.
Place of processing: USA – Privacy Policy

The services contained in this section allow the Data Controller to monitor and analyze traffic data and are used to keep track of User behavior.

Google Analytics (Google Inc.)
Google Analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. (‘Google’). Google uses the Personal Data collected for the purpose of tracking and examining the use of this Application, compiling reports and sharing them with other services developed by Google.
Google may use Personal Data to contextualize and personalize the ads of its own advertising network.
Personal Data collected: Cookies and Usage Data.
Place of processing: USA – Privacy Policy – Opt Out

In no case shall we transfer or sell personal data to third parties (third is the natural or legal person, public authority, service or other body that is not the interested party, the data controller, the data controller and authorized persons) to the processing of personal data under the direct authority of the owner or manager.)

4. How can you get information about the data, modify it, delete it or have a copy of it?

4.1 Access to confidential data

You can, at any time, write to [email protected] to obtain information on the processing of your personal data.

4.2 Export and cancellation of the processing of personal data

To export your personal data (takeout) or request a cancellation, you can send a request to the address [email protected] from the e-mail address you registered with at WWW.ASKMESUITE.COM.
Your personal data will be exported within 30 days or, if the export is particularly complex, within three months.

The cancellation will be made in the expected technical times and in accordance with the conservation period explained in the following point 5

4.3 Exercise your rights

Any natural person (resident in Europe or non-EU) who uses our service can:

  • obtain from the owner, at any time, information about the existence of their personal data, the origin of the same, the purposes and methods of treatment and, if present, to obtain access to personal data and information referred to in ‘article 15 of the GDPR on the privacy policy;
  • request the updating, rectification, integration, cancellation, limitation of data processing if one of the conditions set out in article 18 of the GDPR on the privacy policy, the transformation in anonymous form or the blocking of personal data, occurs processed in violation of the law, including those which need not be kept for the purposes for which the data were collected and/or subsequently processed;
  • Fight, totally or in part, for legitimate reasons, to data processing. This even if pertinent to the purpose of collection and to the processing of personal data provided for the purposes of commercial information, sending of advertising material or direct sales that is accomplishment of market research or commercial communication. Every user has also the right to revoke the consent at any time without compromising the legality of the processing based on the consent given before the revocation;
  • receive your personal data, provided wittingly and actively or through the use of the service, in a structured format, commonly used and readable by an automatic device, and transmitted to another holder of the processing without impediment;
  • to propose a complaint at the Italian Data Protection Authority in Italy.

We remind you that for any question or request regarding your personal data and respect for your privacy you can write to the dedicated address [email protected]

5. How and for how long will your data be stored?

The storage of personal data will be in paper and / or electronic / computer form and for the time strictly necessary to satisfy the purposes referred to in point 1, in respect of your privacy and current regulations.
In the case of users who send information through the website, the contents generated by the user will be kept for 36 months for security reasons, in order to ensure a better quality of the same also in collaboration with the Authorities.

For purposes of analysis aimed at developing and improving the service, the personal data of the user may be subject to the same storage period.

Purpose of direct marketing we store your data for a maximum period equal to that provided for by the applicable legislation (equal to 24 months).

For recruiting purposes we keep your data for a period of 24 months.

Invoices, accounting documents and data relating to transactions are kept for 11 years in accordance the law (including tax obligations).

In the case of exercising the right to oblivion through the expressed cancellation request of personal data processed by the owner, we remind you that such data will be stored, in a protected form and with limited access, solely for the purpose of ascertaining and suppressing crimes, for a period of time not exceeding 12 months from the date of the request and subsequently they will be safely deleted or irreversibly anonymized.

Finally, we remind you that for the same purposes, the data relating to electronic traffic, excluding however the contents of the communications, will be kept for a period not exceeding 6 years from the date of communication, in accordance to art. 24 of Law no. 167/2017, which adopted EU Directive 2017/541 on antiterrorism.

If you do not exercise any active action (for example browsing, searching and / or any other use of the service) on for a period of 27 months, you will be classified as an inactive user and your personal data will be automatically deleted.

6. How do we ensure the protection of your data?

The data are collected by the subjects indicated in point 3 according to the indications of the relevant legislation, with particular regard to the security measures provided for by the GDPR privacy policy (Article 32) for their processing using computerized, manual and automated tools and with logics strictly related to the purposes indicated in point 1, however, so as to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the data.

In compliance with the applicable legislation, an application reverse firewall system is active to block illegal activities related to cybercrime and antispam verification on communications from users. The data entered therein may be verified for the sole purpose of identifying illegal activities or contents that do not comply with the General Conditions of the Service, but will not be processed or communicated for commercial or promotional purposes.

7. Further information

7.1 Chat

The Chat functions are respectively aimed at an immediate communication between:

  • users who contact the Chat services for assistance and customer care activities or for commercial information relating to the service.

We may verify the content of the chats in order to moderate them for security purposes and to preserve the netiquette and editorial rules of Lascaux.

The use of the Chat service implies the possibility that the identity of the user (as indicated at the time of the provision of the Lascaux services) and its contents are made known during the activity sessions.

We reserve the right to exclude from the Chat service, and more generally from the services offered by Lascaux, all those who do not comply with the rules and / or do not comply with the purposes defined for the use of the Chat service, as well as all those who adopt incorrect and/or disrespectful behaviour towardspeople.

7.2 Survey

We may ask you, while browsing, to be willing to participate in targeted surveys in order to know your opinion and satisfaction with the services provided. These surveys will be conducted directly on Lascaux

Within the surveys it may be requested, on an optional basis, to provide an e-mail address in order to receive news and information on Lascaux services.

We remind you that the participation to the surveys is optional and you can always stand opposite.

7.3 Position

When you use the applications and services of Lascaux srl with the detection of the active position, we may collect and process information on your current position (approximate). This data is processed anonymously, in a format that does not allow the user to be personally identified and used only to facilitate the use of certain features of the service based on the position. You can activate / deactivate localization services at any time by accessing the settings of your browser and / or your device as follows:

  • Safari
    • Desktop
      • go to “Preference” > “Web Site” > “Position” and remove WWW.ASKMESUITE.COM from the list
    • Mobile
      • go to “Preference” > “Privacy” > “Localization” and disables localization for Safari
  • Chrome
    • Desktop
      • open Chrome chrome://settings/content/location and remove WWW.ASKMESUITE.COM from the list
    • Mobile
      • open Chrome and select “Site settings” > “Position” and remove WWW.ASKMESUITE.COM from the list
  • Firefox
    • Desktop and mobile
      • open Firefox and go to the address about:preferences#privacy, search “Permission” > “Location” > “Settings” and remove WWW.ASKMESUITE.COM from the list
  • Internet Explorer
    • Desktop
      • open Internet Explorer, click on the icon “gear” and select “Internet Option” in the privacy panel, under Position, press the ‘Delete Sites’ button

7.4 Search engine

The information related to the announcements for the job offers inserted on WWW.ASKMESUITE.COM will be visible in the searches made in the internal search engine and could be made available to third party search engines as it is allowed the indexing of the contents by third party engines. In the event that the page relating to the job offer announcement has already been removed by Lascaux srl, it is possible that the cached copy remains in the search results for a few days. The search results are not managed by Lascaux srl, but the user can signal the removal of the page and request the update of the cached copy directly to the search engine of third parties.

7.5 Contact

If during navigation, you want to ask us for information through our contact form, there will always be an authorization for processing of privacy policy with explicit and informed consent in all the forms.

You can always oppose the processing for the purposes of contact by writing to [email protected].

8. Can the privacy policy change over time?

This information may be subject to change. If substantial changes are made to the use of data relating to the user by the Owner, the latter will notify the user by publishing them with the utmost clarity on his pages or by alternative or similar means.


Cookie and similar technologies

What are Cookies

Cookies are text files that are automatically saved on the user’s computer during navigation. Their purpose is to make the experience of using the website more complete as they serve as tools for storing user preferences. For any information on cookies and how they work, log on to the page of Guarantor of privacy.

Which Cookies uses

This site uses cookies developed by third parties and are listed below:

  • CloudFlare;
  • Google Analytics.

CloudFlare (Cloudflare)
CloudFlare is a traffic optimization and distribution service provided by CloudFlare Inc.
The CloudFlare integration methods require that this filter all the traffic of this Application, ie the communications between this Application and the User’s browser, also allowing the collection of statistical data on it.

Personal Data collected: Cookies and various types of Data as specified by the privacy policy of the service.

Place of processing: USA – Privacy Policy

Google Analytics (Google Inc.)
It is a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. (‘Google’). Google uses the Personal Data collected for the purpose of tracking and examining the use of this Application, compiling reports and sharing them with other services developed by Google, which could use Personal Data to contextualize and personalize the ads of its own advertising network.

Personal Data collected: Cookies and Usage Data.

Place of processing: USA – Privacy Policy – Opt Out


Detection technologies have two different durations:

  • Persistent
    • It means that some information about the viewing preferences of the user site is remembered, and that this site is allowed to recognize the user every time he returns. Persistent cookies are stored in the browser’s or mobile device’s cache until the user decides to delete them.
  • Of session
    • Session cookies expire and are automatically deleted when the user leaves the site or closes the web browser. They are used during a particular visit to the site, to provide information while the user views different pages so as not to have to re-enter them.

How to delete cookies from the browser

The user can change the settings of the web browser to reflect his preferences in relation to cookies. Each browser is slightly different, but usually these settings are found in the ‘options’ or ‘preferences’ menu. The links below provide information on cookie settings for browsers:

Internet Explorer (tutte le versioni)

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